Midsummer’s Eve 

Bonfires.   Maypole.   Contests.   Dancing.   TRADITIONAL CLOTHING LOOKS.

A popular holiday celebrated in all of Sweden is called Midsummer’s Eve, which celebrates the immersion of summer coming from a bitter and dark winter. This is one of the most important holidays to the Swedes, and as Annika describes the great amount of holiday spirit on her Real Scandinavia blog, “In Sweden, Midsummer’s Eve is one of the most important days of the year, rivaling Christmas with its festive spirit and traditions.” COME ON… rivaling with Christmas, this must be an amazing holiday if that is the case, we all know that. The Swedes celebrate this intense and impressive holiday with several things, including meals, dancing around the maypole, having bonfires at night, contests, decorating flower crowns, and picking out fashionable looks. All of these enjoyable activities are done before each and every family leaves for vacation. During this time, the sun stays out for a very long time, it does not even set for a whole entire day in one area of Sweden. Since the sun is out for so long, this makes for even warmer temperatures, which is why some of the clothing choices have appeared throughout the many years of this important holiday.

Men, women and children do not really have different clothing styles during this midsummer event. There is just one major ideal to incorporate into your Midsummer’s Eve attire. The ideal look during this festival is to wear white or lighter, summery clothing. You should try to aim for looser fitting, airy clothes, as well, and many incorporate flowers into their outfits. When I say many, I mean almost everyone. The SLEEK website stated, “Despite today’s nationwide dedication towards wearing black, Midsommar in Sweden is the one day of the year when a breezy white outfit is the only way to go. In fact, walk around a Midsommar celebration in anything but white and you’re bound to stick out like a sore thumb.” The look that is trying to be achieved with these simple clothing options is to be free flowing and happy in the beginning of summer. The most common thing to do to incorporate flowers of light, and pretty colors into your Midsummer’s Eve celebration outfit is to make a crown of flowers from a vine. As the website, Umgas explains, “Wear colors that remind you of summer. Some women wear traditional Swedish attire or white, lace dresses. However, floral patterns or light-colored gowns are a beautiful way to incorporate the celebration into your attire…” The same goes for the men. Wear lighter, flowing outfits, so you do not get too hot while participating in contests and activities. The light colors, flowers, and flows attire really do show the spirit of the holiday of the celebration of summer. carolina-engman-midsummer003s1.jpg329130c441690781518f059a5df43d7f--yellow-jeans-yellow-style.jpglena_granefelt-midsummer_celebration-1062-870x400.jpg

Although the bonfires, maypole, dancing, contests, and food are a very important part of the holiday, Midsummer’s Eve, one of the most skipped over aspect of this holiday is the fashionable clothing style this celebration brings about. The outfit choices and accessories reflect the importance and reasoning behind this festival, and the light colors, flowing outfits and flowers inspire a joyous celebration.


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