Gudi Padwa

Bright colors.   Baths.   Oils and aromatics.   Cleaned houses.    FASHIONABLE CLOTHING.

Gudi Padwa is an Indian Festival, in which everyone celebrates the coming of the New Year and the harvest season. They are also celebrating spring, as this event falls during March and April in relation to the Georgian Calender, which is the first day of the month of Chaitra in relation to the Hindu Calender (“Gudi Padwa – The Indian Festival”). The Gudi is made by the people and placed outside of their homes to ward off any evil. According to the Utsavpedi website, “Gudi is the word used to refer to Brahma’s flag (which is hoisted on this day) while Padva is derived from the Sanskrit word Paddava or Paddavo which refers to the first day of the bright phase of the moon.” This represents the creator of this holiday event and the time that it occurs.

Other than ritualistic patterns of this event, everyone wears spectacular attire. Men and women both wear their best clothes, each different, and ideal for this specific event. Many go out and buy new clothing pieces for this special time of year. There are specific colors and types of clothing that men and women wear for this event. Women wear sarees and jewelry, and men wear kurta pajamas. It is also typical for some men and women to wear turbans.

The clothing women wear include sprees, jewelry and sometimes flowers. The saree has a great type of meaning to the women in this Hindu event. A saree is a sort of dress. Encyclopedia.com describes the women’s saree in great detail, “The sari, sometimes spelled saree, is a draped dress, created from a single piece of fabric five to nine yards long, which is wrapped around a woman’s body in a variety of ways. The resulting garment can be practical working attire or an elegant ceremonial gown, depending on the type of fabric used and the style of draping.” In the case of the Gudi Padwa event, women wear sarees of many colors and with gold designs (“Gudi Padwa- The Indian Festival”). Women may also wear flowers in their hair, and golden  jewelry as well. a9c0ef3ac5142513f4cec187e8b925c6.jpg

Like in all other things, men have a bit of a more simple look during this festive event. Men typically wear kurta pajamas and a turban. “A Kurta is a loose shirt that normally features long sleeves and a buttoned placket” (“What is a Kurta Pajama”). A kurta is also quite a bit longer than a regular shirt. Paired with the kurta are the dhoti pants. The general idea of this garment piece is that they are loose pants. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, dhoti pants are a “long loincloth traditionally worn in southern Asia by Hindu men. Wrapped around the hips and thighs with one end brought between the legs and tucked into the waistband, the dhoti resembles baggy, knee- length trousers.”  The last part of men’s outfits for Gudi Padwa is the turban, which is defined at Dictionary.com, “a man’s headdress worn chiefly by Muslims in southern Asia, consisting of a long cloth of silk, linen, cotton, etc., wound either about a cap or directly around the head.” The color men try and aim at for their kurta pajamas is white, and often pair it with a saffron colored turban (orangey color). 


The Gudi Padwa event is an important festival that portrays the amazing and intricate outfits worn by men and women in India. There are a lot of colors, golden designs, jewelry, silky cloth clothing, and intricate patterns that contribute to this special event.


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