“hey woman!” by Veronika Heilbrunner

Veronika Heilbrunner’s blog was quite similar to what I want to get at with my blog, but with a few differences. She had several different links to click on that lead to each separate blog post, which keeps it organized, but I think I will just keep my blog how it is now. Once I clicked on one of the links, I was immediately interested, because there were vibrant colored pictures. Although fashion is easy to take a picture of, determine how to use it in your blog posts to create the image of what you learned takes some skill. From Veronika’s blog, I learned that using pictures in between each topic you are describing helps the reader to understand what your words mean. This technique is also visually appealing to your audience. Not only did she choose to use images, she used creatively, handpicked pictures that enhanced the message of her blog. I also appreciated how each of the separate topics throughout her blog posts were differentiated by an enlarged title. The title was smaller than the actual title of the entire blog post, but still indicated that we were changing from one topic of the big picture to another. Overall, I believe I will use Veronika’s techniques of blogging throughout my entire blogging project.

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