As I began surfing the web for fashion trends in France, I was given hundreds and hundreds of different options to choose from. None of them quite matching what I had envisioned for this newly transformed blog. At that moment, I knew I was going to have to dig deeper and establish more detail into the search bar. I did eventually find something that interested me. Through browsing, “Here’s What French Women Are Wearing This Fall, ” by Abby Hepworth, I found three major fashion trends of women in France.

Wrap Dresses

The first fashion item trending throughout the population of French women, was wrap dresses. It seems the wrap dress first started becoming popular in the 1970’s and is a “one-piece, knee-length garment, which wrapped in the front and featured built-in string ties of the same fabric, tied around the waist and sold in stores for around eighty dollars,” according the Encyclopedia.com. In simpler terms, a wrap dress basically looked like a dress that was made from a sheet being wrapped around a women, and pinched tighter at the waist. Honestly, I have seen a lot of older women wearing wrap dresses, due to the varied ability of the dress to fit all different types of bodies. I feel that the younger generation may not be as interested in these wrap dresses as older women. But who am I to say??? This is just what I found on the web. caroline_juen_wearing_a_pretty_wrap_dress.png.jpeg


Jumpsuits are the second item that I found to be trending in French fashion at the moment (women). As the Urban Dictionary states, a jumpsuit is “A garment fashioned after this, usually combining a shirt or bodice with shorts or trousers in one piece.” After searching the web, I have seen many French women pairing the jumpsuits they chose to with high heeled shoes. Although the jumpsuit seems to be coming back into fashion, I believe this clothing item does not work well with every body type. Specifically, I do not believe myself to look flattering in many jumpsuits. It is a rare occasion that I find one that works with me.


Block Heels

Block heels were the last of my findings to be of popularity in the French women population. A block heel is a type of high heel, but instead of having a skinny heel, they consist of a thick heel that resembles a symmetric block (of wood for that matter). I actually own a few pairs of block heels myself, and I absolutely adore them. they are so much easier to balance and walk in, not to mention they are much less slippery than any other normal heel I have ever worn. They seem to be a part of the French wardrobe because they are a classy, retro type of look, which, I think, resembles the body of the French people.


Overall, the three main fashion trends among women in France at this moment, are wrap dresses, jumpsuits, and block heels, all of which were once popular in the earlier days (before 1970). They have all come back, though, to show us that fashion trends will always come back around.


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