Blog Tour #2 (D’Antoine)

The second blog I toured was D’Antoine’s blog. She was doing a photography blog for her final project, which I thought was really quite interesting. My sister went to school at the college of St. Scholastica and actually got a minor in photography. She has taught me a lot and gave me her old 70D Cannon camera, so I also take an interest in this topic. D’Antoine has a total of about four blog posts for this final projects, five including her proposal post. I was quite excited to read these posts, and reflect on what I thought and learned.

D’Antoine explained each step in her process of her final project in the proposal portion (blog post). She stated first what her final blog project was going to consist of. She was going to write about the basics and meaning of art in photography based on her own experiences with photography over the years. She explained that she would be looking up other photography blogs to get an idea of what to do for hers or how she should organize it, etc. She then said that she would write a post based on her own experience and reflection of photography that she has had in her own life. Finally, she said she would be searching famous photographers and trying to find why they were able to become famous.

Within her first week, and two posts of her final blogging project, D’Antoine explained how famous photographers all left something for photographers today, and that was that they all started something that helped photographers today. One person specifically created an invention, called heliography, which was pretty much the invention of photography (at least printed). She goes on to explain two other famous photographers. The similarity between the three she described was that they all had something to do with the creation of photography. ***An element of her blog is that she does a “photography” blog post on what she has learned or researched, and then does a reflection post after writing the first blog post of the week. For the first reflection, which basically stated that she learned of several photographers who pretty much created photography. It seemed her biggest take away from what she had learned was that without the basics created by the first few photographers, photography would be nonexistent.

For her next “Photography” blog post, D’Antoine mainly spoke of the histogram and light meter. She went into depth for each of these topics. The histogram pretty much gives your photos tones by using brightness and editing. She described that a light meter is something that measures the amount of light exposure while taking photos on a camera. She of course went into even more depth for each of these topics, which was quite helpful when trying to learn what something means. Her second, and last, reflection, pretty much said what she learned from this week has made her a better photographer. The different techniques and topics she researched about allowed her to learn things she had not known before.

Overall, I thought D’Antoine’s final blog project was really good and captivating. I would have loved to read more posts! But what she had so far was very interesting. She also had a well thought out structure to her final project, which engages the audience and keeps them on track with what you are saying.


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