Blog Tour #1 (Dalton)

For my first blog tour, I reviewed Dalton’s blog. He had about nine blog posts for his final project so far, and I found that his blog was quite interest-based on things he is interested by and what he likes. I will review each of his nine posts.

His first post of the final project was called, “Car Culture: An Overview,” which pretty much just described different car cultures of the world. He specifically chose to compare and contrast the United States’ car culture and Japans’ car culture. His next post was, “My  Review of Being Healthy.” I really appreciate this post because I like to think of myself as a healthy and fit person, and within this post he gave some tips and ideas of what being healthy consists of. His next blog post was named, “When looking to modify your car….” This post pretty much just was a list of different things you can do to your car to upgrade it. With each item, an explanation went along with it. Next was, “Places that I would like to visit,” which I really liked. It had several pictures to go along with each of the places he listed that he wanted to go to, and I, too, love to travel. ***He had pictures with pretty much every post, which I really appreciated. Images just allow the reader to understand the topic and items the writer is explaining completely.*** The next post was called, “‘Car Guy’ stereotypes by car brands (some anyway).” This post was really, really funny to be honest. It was cool to look at each car brand and see the stereotype that came with it, and it was seriously so true. After seeing this post, I could sort of see a trend going; that dalton has a big interest in cars. The next post called, “Gym Stereotypes,” was even more funny than the previous car stereotypes post. It was just really relatable, and I could imagine in my mind these certain stereotypes in people at the gym, such as planet fitness for example. The third to last post, “My Taste of Music…,” was one of my favorites of all of his blog posts, because I have a really deep connection and interest in music, so it was cool and interesting to see what someone else’s interest in music are. Specifically, one artist he said he liked was NF, which is super cool. Not many people know, or even like to listen to them, but I absolutely love their music. The second to last post was named, “My Baseball Experience Throughout School.” This basically was him explaining what he experienced and felt while he played baseball in high school. The last blog post of dalton’s final project thus far is, “What I Like To Wear,” which was a description of the clothing he typically wears and prefers to wear. I liked reading this post because my blog for my final project is all about fashion trends and vogue, so I could relate to it.

Overall, dalton’s final project blog was pretty put together. It was mainly about certain interests of his, all a wide range of variety, which I thought was quite interesting. It kept me engaged while I did my blog tour.

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