France // vs // United Kingdom


In complete honesty, this first week of our having our very own blogs was a bit of an experiment for me. I was not quite sure what I was going for. I had a general idea, “vogue,” but once I began looking on the internet, I ran into several road blocks. I have definitely found what I need to improve on and what needs to be changed to make my blog even better. This week, I research the countries of France and the United Kingdom. I noticed many differences and similarities between the two countries’ fashion trends, and I have also realized the difficulty of sharing the differences in clothing trends in the twenty-first century.

There many differences between the countries of France and the United Kingdom, some being within the fashion world. The main difference I stumbled upon was the fact that France tries for a bit more of a daring style, while the United Kingdom stays within its classy realms. France had several different trends that has shown their daring appeal to dress, as did the United Kingdom with their ideals. The French wear scandalous wrap dresses and jumpsuits, while British women wear trench coats and midi pencil skirts. In her article, Kate Venman stated the main difference between French and British fashion trends, “It’s still unclear who is the most style savvy, but you can count on the French to rock the most original streetwear and the Brits for well-cut looks that defy typical fashion trends.” There are several more opinions like this out there, but this one stood out, because it represented what I was actually thinking from the very beginning.

I have not yet traveled to France (I would like to in the future), but I have been to England, so I have a bit of a personal connection with the style and fashion trends within the United Kingdom. When I first walked the streets of England and came in contact with British people, I could immediately tell that they were conservative, even more than the United States. They kept their heads down, not speaking to anyone on the streets or in the tunnel paths (and if they did it was so very quiet), and walked quickly. The entire pace of England was impressive. Many people wore coats and stylish pants, while keeping it classy, given that it was a bit chilly when I went there in the fall. Everyone I saw there looked decently dressed. The United Kingdom does not really do “casual,” instead they like to keep it a bit more dressed up and sophisticated. Truly I was intimidated while being in England. Most were confident, well dressed, and stunning. Given that I do not know much about France, this information I have just described, gave me clue as to how the British compare to the French in style.

This week, according to the last four posted in the past two days, have been quite an adventure and experiment for me. I definitely know what I need to work on, but I do believe I have created distinctive documentation of the differences between France and the United Kingdom, which I am proud of. I shall continue to learn and grow from this experience, and create even more creative blog posts.


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